Jun 12, 2016

WhatsApp is getting quote and reply option soon

WhatsApp beta has a new feature that lets you quote someone’s text and reply to it. The feature works on both private chat and groups.
TO use it, all you need to do is select a message to quote -- either text or media. then long press it. A pop-up with options to reply, forward and delete will appear. Just select reply and type in your message before pressing send.
On sending your reply, it will show up inside the conversation with the original quoted message for reference. Also, it will colour coded to match the sender’s handle.
While the update is only available to beta testers for now, it should be rolling out to more users soon. Besides this feature, the messaging app is also expected to add support for GIFs and documents even from third-party apps like Google Drive and OneDrive.
The company is also rumoured to be working on video calling to add to the service.

source: http://m.hindustantimes.com/tech/whatsapp-is-getting-quote-and-reply-option-soon/story-TGuJzH4SIzq7Hfpi6ujCHI.html

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