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Aug 10, 2013

Google's Timeline : Story Behind Google Success

Google's Timeline : Story Behind Google Success

Google, the most powerful and successful search engine was created 14 years ago.
Now searching on internet is popular with word Googling.
It was oracle of Delphi, that answered all mankind's questions, and today it's Google which explains everything for web surfers.

Google success Story
The success story of Google began in the year 1998. Started by two computer scientists Lary Page and Surgey Brin.
There are numerous reasons for their success. One of them is the work atmosphere. Google is considered to be one of most popular employers in the world. One day a week is given to employees to pursue their own research projects, thus winning over tons of talented university graduates. Another tactic Google uses is building it's development centers near highly recognized centers of education.

The giant search engine also brings people together with social networks, Orkut and Google+, which gains popularity in all over the world. Google whips it's money bags without hesitation, and acquires, largest video platform YouTube for US $ 1.65billion and online marketer DoubleClick for 3.1billion.

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The Google Story 


Google Products and downloads


1998:Getting started

In September Larry Page and Sergey Brin developed a search engine and looks for investors. Yahoo chairman David Filo was not interested. However Sun Co-founder Andy Bechtolsheim writes a cheque for US $ 100,000 to an entity called Google Inc.
Google sets up workspace in Susan Wojcicki's at Menlo Park.


1999:Google doodles

The website released beta stage of Google, and the famous Google logo born.
And they moved their workplace to Mountain View, CA, USA.


2000:AdWords, do it yourself ads

Late in the year 2000, advertisements are displayed on orginally ad-free website. This system behind this program is call AdWords, which includes text ads, contextual ads, video ads and mobile ads. It helped thousands of business groups to grown successful.


2001:Image search

Google launches Image search in it's search engine, accessing to 250 million on images from world wide.
Google also adds support for many other file formats.

At that time Google search engine was available in 26 languages.
And Google partner ship with Universe online (UOL), Makes Google search engine service for millions of Latin Americans.


Google news with sources2002:News

Google news launched as a beta with 4000+ news sources, using this search service user can surf news upto 200 years old.
Google announced mojor partnership with AOL, which sponsored links to 34 million constumers using CompuServe, Netscape and
And opened first Australian office in Sydney.
Also Google launched Froogle later it's called Google product Search.



Launched Google AdSense
Through this program website holders and blog holders can earn money by publishing ads.
Acquired Pyra Labs, the official creators of Blogger.
American dialect society members vote "Google" the "most useful" word of the year for 2002.
Lauched Google Book search.


2004:Going public with Gmail and Orkut launch

Orkut launched as social networking.
The launch of gmail is mistaken for an April fool's day prank. This service offers 1gb of space and also new threaded interface and speedy search.
In August, Google's going public is an innovative in the history of US financial market. Interested buyers were offered to get shares through online auctions. Hundred of employees become millionaire's overnight.
Introduced Google local, later it combined with Google maps.
Reached 8billion web page index.


google traffic information in maps2005:Digital Earth

The company conquers lands and roads by launching Google maps, this was extended to Google sky in year 2008, with which user can explore space.
Now Google maps features satellite view and directons.
Hits a milestone in Image search with 1.1billion images, and Gmail for Mobile.
Launches, a new platform for developer oriented resources.
Released Blogger mobile and Google analytics, post and review on the go.
And also released Mobile web search and Google talk.


2006:Acquires YouTube

youtube largest video platform
One of biggest deals in the history of web is acquisition of YouTube. In October it acquires largest video platform YouTube for US $ 1.65billion.
Launched Google calendar and picasa in 25+ languages.
Released patent search in US with more than 7million patents.


2007:Google street view, city guide

Google enhanced it's maps with photos clicked by car with 360° cameras on main streets of big cities.
Introduced traffic information in Google maps.
Beyond infinity, sky launched inside Google maps.
Rumors of Gphone, announced ANDROID an open platform for mobile devices. 

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Android and google, playstore, chrome for android
Google's mobile platform ANDROID is finally launched, it's a Linux based operating system. And enables the services like maps, blogger on the go.
Complete acquisition deal of DoubleClick.
Launched Mobile version of Google maps.


2009:Chrome web browser and Picasa for Mac

Google chrome web browser becomes available, and stands out due to it's speed.
Launched versions of Linux and OSX.
Launches picasa for MacWorld.
Released Google voice integration to search and messaging.
Added Google dashboard in Google places.


2010:Nexus One

Introduced Nexus One mobile with ANDROID operating system.
Introduced safety mode in YouTube.
New online store downloading Google apps.
Announced Google TV, with built in android and chrome integration.
Google voice debuts in iPhones.
Gingerbread named ad latest and fastest ANDROID platform.
Reached 120million chrome users.
Launched chrome web store for business, and also chrome OS networks.

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2011:Improved Google stuffs

Offered user to add local knowledge to Google maps on local places.
Adwords advertisers received free phone support.
Launched chrome books.
Launched +1 page on entire web, which made recommendation to Google+ friends.
Released Google wallet app for android phones.
Google earth reaches one billion download mark.
Customize redesign for Gmail.
New UI for YouTube.


2012:Chrome for Android and Google Play

Launched chrome for ANDROID mobiles with smart UI.
Google play for downloading movies, maps, music and apps for mobile devices.
Unveiled Project Glass.
Launched Google drive for on the go requirements.
Officially acquired Motorola mobility. Hangouts On Air available world wide.
Google maps available for iPhone. 

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2013:Redesigned Google Image

New interface for Image search with more comforts.
Announced new laptop, the Chromebook Pixel.
Google Now, available for iOS devices. 

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