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Mar 5, 2018

Now pay Vodafone postpaid bill payments on Tez and earn a scratch card.

Now pay Vodafone postpaid bill payments on Tez by selecting Vodafone from the billers list. then make a payment of 100 rs or more and earn a scratch card. This scratch can redeemed only once bill payment is success, which does not take much time, may be a minute or two. Try it out. Also you can pay any of the new billers like docomo bills, electric bills, bill at pvr cinemas and much more billers in lost to pay and get scratch on every first payment of rs 100 or more.

Just fallow these steps to do first payment and earn a tez scratch card, if you are lucky you can earn anywhere upto 1000rs.

Feb 20, 2018

Adding Money to paytm wallet is not real money now on!! Share this before reading!!

Don’t be much surprised by reading headline, though it is not going to be real money from now on, it value Remains same but freedom is not same as we had till now. Now on less freedom of using credit card with paytm, May be in future it is going to be same with other major players, but you have already noticed the gain players like whatsapp Payment and Google Tez payments doesn’t allow you to use credit card or cc to May payments. May be this is for numerous reasons.
But paytm does this for its customers over the night without much advertising or prior campaigns. 

Feb 18, 2018

Whatsapp will launch whatsapp payment first in Indian market.

Whatsapp the biggest online messaging platform now in race with on the go payment services. There already exists few major players in race, still whatsapp could win over all of them since it has very huge costumer base. Google Tez is also a major play in this race, as they have already won millions of customers all the way by attracting with good rewards, hope whatsapp will also have good reward system in beginning. And surprise is whatsapp is also launching it payment first in india like the Google Tez. Seems like india is major market for this segment. Also we have good numbers of well established players like paytm, free charge, mobikwik, phone pe and there are lot to mention.

Jan 29, 2018

Blend X Wallpapers - Keeps you updated collection for you android personalisation.

Blend X Wallpapers is an latest trending app, that bring updated wallpapers across different categories.
  • 1. Nature wallpapers - [Landscape, water bodies, green, sky and more in this wallpaper category]
  • 2. Animated wallpapers - [2D, 3D animated and more in this wallpaper category]
  • 3. Superheros wallpapers - [Marvel, DC, power rangers, Avengers and more in this wallpaper category]
  • 4. Luxury wallpapers - [Luxurious home, cars, bikes, restaurants, dresses and more in this wallpaper category]
  • 5. Pattern wallpapers - [Pattern of objects, animals, and more in this wallpaper category]
  • 6. Animals wallpapers - [Animals, birds, and more in this wallpaper category]
  • 7. Food wallpapers - [Food, fancy food, food presentation and more in this wallpaper category]
  • 8. Quote wallpapers - [Life quotes, Celebration quotes, teachings, and more in this wallpaper category]

Jan 21, 2018

Whatsapp Business is now available on google play store.

Most awaited app for business owners is now live for download on google playstore, if you earlier has an Business whatsapp account now you can manage through whatsapp Business account, or download app and create a Business account for your business and use one the go with you team. This app was released just 3 days earlier and it has hit 500000 (5lac) downloads and 1000 reviews already. Average rating of the app is 3.9, but this is not a bad rating. Seems this app will soon reach all the business owners and managers across the globe.

Jan 19, 2018

Receive and make iPhone call on MacBook or listen on ipad

Apple and its product are well known for eco system built by itself across various electronics sections like watches with iWatch or Apple Watch, smartphones with iPhone, tablets with ipad and laptops with MacBooks. These are devices from different section but give out more comforts and beautiful features when they are connected under same wifi networks and same account, also they are many things that works out well even when you connected to different wifi networks. Also few features with Bluetooth connectivity. We know many beautiful features like photo stream of photos app, notes being in sync across devices connected with same Apple ID and May such like that which helps our lives to live more comfortably. And one more thing is about calls which I noticed recently. That is when you get a call you can attend from MacBook or you can even listen and answer back on ipad, this thing needs one common thing, these devices should be under same wifi network.

Jan 5, 2018

How to separate camera photos from All photos or camera roll album on iOS or iPhone

We knew all photos or camera roll doesn’t show the photos that were only taken by camera, but it also includes photos that were being used or stored by other apps like whatsapp and Instagram. So iOS or iPhone does not lets you view only photos taken by camera in one place or one album. Yeah also no settings to get this task done easily. But this can be done using an iOS app, which kind of automation task, every time you need to separate the photos taken from the camera or to see only pictures taken on iPhone, just fire up the app and hit run button to get your task done.

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Now pay Vodafone postpaid bill payments on Tez and earn a scratch card.

Now pay Vodafone postpaid bill payments on Tez by selecting Vodafone from the billers list. then make a payment of 100 rs or more and earn ...