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Aug 20, 2013

How To Make Conference Calls In Our Smartphones

How to make calls to more than one person at once on your smartphones

Always it’s a lot easier to make one call than it is to make three or conference call. If you’ve got big news to tell a lot of people, or smartphone work you
conference call service in phones need to discus with colleagues and friends then making a conference call is going to be much simpler than repeating yourself over and over again with different persons. Luckily, your all smartphones (Android phone, iphone and windows phone) are more than capable of handling conference call service, and we all are already well equipped with such phone to get the word out. In this tutorial/post we will show you how it’s done, conference call service easier. Bear in mind conference calling can vary from phone to phone and from operating system to operating system.
What is Conference Call
A conference call system is a telephone call in which the calling party/person wishes to have more than one called party/person to have conversation.

This is how conference call system works on a Samsung Galaxy S III, Htc desire hd, Nokia lumia, Rooted android device, and while it’ll be pretty similar on other smartphones, you might need to change round some of the steps to make sure everything works the way it should. Please note that your network must allow the conference call feature as well. With that in mind, let’s start the phone call ball rolling and move on to step one.

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  • Make sure you can

conference call service
It’s worth checking before you try to make a conference call that your network allows you to connect audio conference call service with people. Some carriers will disable this feature and have their own way of doing things instead. A quick Google search should tell you whether or not your carrier allows conference calls.
Search in google with below text and confirm yourself a while 
"your carrier" conference calls
  • Call the first number

To get started you must first call one of the people that you would like to add to the call in conference with other. Do this in the normal way as calling, either by using the contact details that are stored in your phone storage, or by typing in a number in the dial keypad and press the green call button at the bottom to process.
  • Wait for answer

Now you have to wait until the first person you’re calling answers your call. Unfortunately you can’t add people into calls until you’ve got connected with first person. Once they answered your call you can go straight adding persons. If they don’t, you’ll need to call someone else who answers your call.
  • Add another caller

Once the first person has answered your call, you’ll see that the Add call button ons creen. Tap on Add call and then choose the next person you want to add, again using either by their details from your phone’s Contacts application or by typing their number in dial keypad and call them.
  • Wait a bit more for answer

You’re now going to have to wait while the next/second person answers your new phone call. Your first contact will be put on hold while and untill this second caller is being connected, so you don’t need to worry too much about them for now – you’re only dealing with one caller at a time.
  • Merge the calls

Now you are done!!, the moment of truth. Once the second person has answered, tap Merge icon and the two calls should merge and your conference call is now in full flow. You can now repeat the process if you want to add more people by tapping Add call again. The number of callers will be limited by your carrier.

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Remember conference phone call process in simple steps

  1. Make sure you can have conference call service
  2. Call the first number as usual
  3. Wait for his/her answer
  4. Add another caller by pressing add call on screen
  5. Wait a bit more for his/her answer
  6. Merge the calls by tapping Merge call button 

Tip : Do conference calls via microphone for smooth flow

Advantages Of Conference Calls 
  • Eliminates the need for "face-to-face" meetings and dicussions
  • Wasted time and money spent traveling is no longer for meetings
  • A conference call enables fast brainstorming when immediate action is needed 

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