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Aug 21, 2013

Create And Design Your Own Android Widgets | UCCW

UCCW | Ultimate Custom Clock Widget

With UCCW free android app, the Ultimate Custom Widget app, you can design build and customize your own unique widgets with creative mind in your own style and colours.

Widgets are the most unique part of the Android phone user experience. Often sometimes the quality of a widget will determine wether we to even continue using an app or not depending on flexibility, such is their value and one touch switching operations. But, forcustomize e control, you can always create your own widget, giving your android phone its own truly unique style in the
process with UCCW free app. 

UCCW (Ultimate Custom Widget) is a free app from the Play store with ads, you can make it ads free by paying $5, this UCCW enables you to create surprisingly advanced widgets in your style with your creativity.

The UCCW app reviews by top websites say it all

"It is a clock widget that allows probably thousands of combinations you can start with, and from there, the ability to tweak and change every setting of every element to your heart’s content" - Android Tapp
"This is the type of app that designers tend to flock to, as it gives them an outlet to share their styles and influences through tons of Android devices. " - Droid-life
"UCCW is an app that will allow you to create a custom clock in minutes, thus satisfying your OCD’s every whim regarding aesthetics" - xda-developers
Amazingly easy way to make custom widgets for your android phone, need no experience in coding, or knowledge of xml files and also no need rooting. Just by using inbuilt custom layout, fonts, images, shapes, interesting objects like series clocks, weather information with icons, battery icons, Gmail, sms, missed calls, alarm and etc.. create and design your own creative widget with your favourite color, background and layout.

The UI (USER INTERFACE) is not the simplest and comfort to use and it does appear to be quite complex for newbies. However, the principles behind it are quite simple, and you will be able to create a rudimentary widget all of your own very quickly. All you need is a background image that forms the basis of your widget and then you place the dynamic pieces or objects of a widget – the clock and date, weather forecast, Gmail alerts, battery information and so on – on top of that image. And customize object placed on customizable background with inbuilt customizing features like font size, angle, colour, shadow, effect, dimensions etc... These all fit together remarkably well.


Following objects mentioned are available in UCCW

  • time and date elements with different styles and colours
  • Week bar
  • Analog clock with different styles and colours
  • Static texts
  • Battery level, battery status, battery bar (solid and barcode) and battery circle
  • Weather elements like current temperature, condition, humidity, wind speed, icon, minimum temperature, maximum temperature, forecasts etc.
  • Shapes
  • Images
  • Unread counts for Gmail, sms and missed calls
  • Next alarm time
  • Series clocks and series time and date elements
Download UCCW, Ultimate custom widget free from Play store

PlayBar UCCW

PlayBar UCCW is android add on design package for Ultimate Custom Widget app.
This is a very simple app but gives effective hwlping hand for creating bright coloured bar widgets.

PlayBar is a UCCW pack of skins based from the recent PlayStore design. You could use these as a home screen replacement.
Easy to use and customize with editable colour bars and icons.

Available Bars to create beautiful widgets are

  • Camera
  • Clock (with a working clock)
  • email (with notifications)
  • GooglePlus
  • Movies
  • Music
  • Phone (with notifications)
  • Playstore
  • Settings
  • SMS (with notifications)
  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Hangouts
  • Instagram
  • Gallery
  • Reddit
  • Browser
  • Chrome
  • FileManager/Files
  • GoogleKeep
  • RSS
  • Weather
  • Maps
  • Youtube
Download PlayBar UCCW, Ultimate custom widget addon free from Play store

Now start creating your own widget with your creativeness and style, and customize with colour bars, using PlayBar design package.
Check this helping tutorial:
How To Create And Design Your Own Android Widget

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