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Aug 24, 2013

How To Create And Design Your Own Android Widget

Create And Design Your Own Android Widget

Before creating your own android widget you must know check this android development app, UCCW | Ultimate custom widget. It helps you to create widgets for android.
No Need  android programming, Just fallow the step by step procedure of android programming tutorial mentioned below to create your own android widget and become android widget developer.

Create And Design Your Own Android Widget, using android uccw app

Download And Install UCCW

  • Download and open UCCW app. The user interface takes a while to get started to use for first time, now you go on adding elements to the widget one at a time each and tweak them each in your own style individually to give them good widget look.  Select objects under Edit Objects section, using additional editing options related to that object, tweak them, make use of those all options.

Choose Widget Background

  • Start creating widget  by picking the background image you will use as the basis for your widget from gallery. You’ll need to create this separately on a desktop or by it using Image editors and copy it to your device. Save it as a .PNG file if you want to have a transparent background for widget. The total pixel size must be less than 160k pixels.
  • Select Edit objects > Background

Locate Image And Set Aspect ratio

  • Navigate Use Image Aspect Ratio as shown below and tap Use Image Aspect Ratio and Save. You might need to reload the image if you got crashed or wrong aspect ratio.
  • Select Edit objects > Background > Use Image Aspect Ratio

Add Objects 

  • Now begin adding the various dynamic objects that will make up your widget perfect. Check box to add items and uncheck box to remove them. It’s good and best to do one at a time until you’re familiar with this app/software.
  • Select Add/Remove Objects

Place Added Objects Into Right Place

  • The added Object appears small in the top of the screen. Use Edit Object to choose the object. Use the Position control to move it towards the location on your background image you want it to take. Check mark the ‘Faster movement’ option to move it quicker, then un check mark it again for a more refined placement. 
  • Select Edit objects > Object > Position


Resize The Added Object

  • Now swipe to Controls and tap the Scale button. You can now adjust the size of the clock object using the slider, and then tap the ‘+’ and ‘-’ buttons for more precise control. Use this in conjunction with the Position option in step 5 to get the clock in just the right spot on your custom widget. 
  • Select Edit objects > Object >Size 
Create And Design Your Own Android Widget using uccw

Again Add And Edit Ojects To Give Dynamic Look

  • Repeat steps with other objects you want to include in your widget. We’ve added ‘Icon forecast day 1’ and ‘Battery Bar’. Experiment with the other settings for the objects – you can change colours, add effects and even replace with images of your own. 
  • Select Add/Remove Objects 
  • Select Edit objects > Object > Position 
  • Select Edit objects > Object >Size

Save Your Created Widget

  • To save your widget, press the menu button and select Save skin. Give the widget a name so that you are able to identify it properly when you choose to apply it to on your home screen. You can also export your skin so that you can share it or use it on more than one device or with friends.

Make A Test

  • Add your widget in the normal way, picking UCCW from the widget list and choosing whatever size you want – your widget will be resized as you need it. Place the widget on one of your home screens and tap the Touch here icon that appears in order to launch it. If it doesn't look good, go to UCCW App and edit widget, and reform it.

Put It In Action

  • You can now see your very own widget in action on your home screen. You can add as many UCCW widgets as you need. By default, tapping the widget will open the UCCW app for editing, but for more advanced use you can add hotspots to the widget to launch specific apps when you touch them. 
  • Note: Put "on" status Lock widget by selecting lock widget from menu to make Widget not to open UCCW app on tapping it.  
Create And Design Your Own Android Widget using uccw

Remember In Simple Way/Steps to create your own android widget:
  • Download And Install UCCW Android App
  • Choose Widget Background
  • Locate Image And Set Aspect ratio
  • Add Object From List 
  • Place Added Objects Into Right Place Of Widget
  • Resize The Added Object, If needed
  • Again Add And Edit Some More Objects To Give Dynamic Look
  • Save Your Created Widget
  • Make A Test And Reform It
  • Put It In Action
Hope android development tutorial for creating your own android widget is helpful, if so then

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