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Jun 8, 2015

Easiest way to upgrade and protect your phone, starts from bangalore

This is the One place – Every proud smartphone owner like to be part of it, give it a try making love with your smartphone keeping smart and updated with protection plans.

This city start up Phona provides all services from Selection/Upgrade/Exchange Guide for smartphone to multiple services which are required for smart keeping it till the recycle [  trash  ] at one place with multiple options in price to choose for the particular space so that every and could afford it as proud as they use phone.

Exchanges are made easy with value for phone while swapping to other new or used phone at one place with maximum options to choose from.

Go Green [ Recycle ] – Never trash a phone instead swap [ Exchange – Upgrade ] all kind of the phones to new Phone or Phona Services for all phones – Bar Phones, Smart Phones, Phona [ Used Phone ]  Phablets and Tablet 

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