Jul 5, 2013

JellyBean - JELLYTIME for (HTC desire HD) DHD/Inspire4g.

Install custom ROM on rooted HTC desire hd.

android JellyBean update for HTC DHD/Inspire4G

 This is based on cm10.1 compiled from source



The HTC Desire HD has obtained a custom ROM that may flash the Android 4.2 Jelly Bean firmware on it.

 How to flash Preview build of Android 4.2 AOSP ROM on HTC Desire HD

  1. Download the pre-alpha custom ROM zip from HERE. Don’t extract its contents and save it on your PC desktop screen.
  2. Connect your phone to your computer using the USB cable. Now move the ROM zip on its internal SD card and when this is complete you should unplug the phone from PC.
  3. Power off the smartphone and then boot it into CWM Recovery mode.
  4. Select ‘wipe data/ factory reset’ option and confirm.
  5. Next, select ‘install zip from sdcard’ and from the next menu select ‘choose zip from sdcard’. Find the Android 4.2 preview AOSP ROM zip and confirm its installation.
  6. Then same wise flash by downloading here  google apps.
  7. When installed you should return to the main CWM Recovery menu. Select ‘reboot system now’.
  8. Your HTC Desire HD will now restart and you should wait at least 5 minutes for the first boot process to complete.
  9. Enter your Google Account details and then you will take control over your device.
  10. That’s it, now you can begin to test this new ROM.

If you don’t like this new preview build of Android 4.2 ROM for HTC Desire HD, then you should use the backup file of the previous ROM and restore it.

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