Aug 2, 2013

How To Get Secured Browsing

How To Get Secured Browsing

Easy secured browsing, how to
Under web we can search for everything according to our needs and feeds. But while we searching our needs, the master webs tracks everything bit by bit what we do while surfing online. On reviewing our searching and surfing status, they will use this information for their ad advertising purpose without knowleding you. So we need have secure browsing. To do secure browsing we have to install COLLUSION, a web browser add on or extension available for all know browsers.

In general most of the people in the world use Internet explorer,  Mozilla Firefox, Safari web browser and Google chrome. This add on/extensionis is available for all above mentioned web browsers.
And these web browsers are reason for third parties to let know our browsing information.

For example, let us assume your were heading for buying smartphone online. And you will Go on collecting info regarding smartphone, but in these microseconds, the gap time reach between search engine and websites, the third party websites will collect your information, and shows relevant ads on sidebars of website, and even If you stop the search also, they will keep promoting ads on side bars of website. And they keep tracking your surfing, and also they keep promoting ads on sidebars in every website you visit. 

Coming to collusion, this collusion is an add-on which protects us from insecure browsing and helps in secured browsing, and let's us to know who which all websites are tracking our info, and also allows you to block such website to stop tracking information, so that you can get rid of unwanted ads and promotions.

How to get secured browsing
How to do secured browsing
How to install this on Google chrome web browser

Just fallow these instructions to do and get secured browsing

Now go to chrome webstore home page
And search for collusion in search box, else click here
Open collusion and add it to your chrome extensions
Now you're done, and you're one step away from secured browsing 
collusion for secured browsing 
Now surf and Open some webpages and hit on collusion icon found on right top end of chrome browser
It will show you described graph and tracking information on screen
Halo bubbled websites are sites which you visit, grey bubbled are sites which tracks your information and they have legal right for it. And red bubbled are web sites which tracks your info illegally.
No need to worry now, because you have installed collusion to stop those activities.
Now you Open the collusion icon, Now you have option for un/block such website on top right end of graph page and do whatever you feel. Prefer blocking, so that you can be secured and can do secured browsing.

How to install collusion and How to do secured browsing in Mozilla firefox

Open Mozilla Firefox web browser
And select tools, then select add on and select Get Add On
Now search for collusion in search box and install it

collusion for firefox

do secured browsing with diconnect
It works same as collusion for chrome as above explained
Fallow same procedure to get secured browsing
But one disadvantage in Mozilla Firefox is you don't have blocking option in collusion add on
And don't worry about it, cause there is one alternative for do blocking insecured third patties
So install Disconnect add on for Mozilla Firefox, as you installed collusion
Now browse some websites and check who all tracking you by hitting collusion icon in bottom add on bar, and un/block the websites using disconnect add on.
Click on Disconnect add on icon found on next to address bar/search box, Now check and uncheck third parties shown by Disconnect add on to block and unblock such website.

Advantages of these add ons

  • Do secured browsing
  • Get rid of third party ad
  • Save browsing time
  • Saves data
  • Fast webpage loading
  • And many such.
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