Jul 21, 2013

Change Your Facebook theme Like Your Mobile Theme

Changing your Facebook theme is now easy with your google chrome web browser.

  • No need to pay any money to any 3rd party.
  • No need to buy any tools.
  • Its a free facebook theme.

In lost post I have posted regarding how to change facebook Colour, Hope it was useful and worth. 
Now fallow this post to know how to change your facebook theme.

It's so easy, just like changing your mobile theme. 


Google chrome web browser ( Prefer updated or update it)
High speed data connection 

Fallow step by step

DOWNLOAD and install latest Google chrome web browser on your PC.
If it's already installed, then no need to DOWNLOAD latest one, just update it to latest.
Now open your web browser.

NOW Go to settings > choose extension
Now hit on Get more extensions
Search for FACEBOOK THEMES, in search box, or just follow this link on Google chrome web browser
Facebook themes is an extension for Google chrome web browser, where you can choose your favorite theme and style for you Facebook from bunch of themes available in web store.

And add extension to your Google chrome 

Go to Settings > chose extensions > select options below FACEBOOK THEMES, and hit on EXPLORE tab to choose your theme
Also fallow this link to choose theme or to customize theme
Now your done,
Now Go back to your home page, and refresh it to see the magic.

And moke more changes by clubing differenet extensions like FABALOUS, CHANGE MY FACEBOOK COLOUR on your chrome browser.
Fallow these posts
how to change facebook Colour,
And do all changes at a time, and have a look of WOW facebook.
And if you want undo this all added themes, Go to Settings > chose extensions> select options below FACEBOOK THEMES, and disable installed theme. or delete the extension before selecting options.

And  you can do same thing from fire fox browser

just fallow these steps

Open your firefox web browser

Go to add ons and select GET ADD ONS

Now search for STYLISH and install that add on 

Now Go to Home page of direct from here STYLISH ADD ON

OR go to Extensions and choose options in STYLISH EXTENSION

AND Install theme by customising with your taste

To customize, choose S icon in bottom add on status bar, and hit on WRITE NEW STYLE to customize in your own way.
And you can customize any web page from this add on.

Now go back to your FACEBOOK PAGE and Refresh it to Watch the magic.

And if you want to disable this add on, GO TO ADD ONS, and choose EXTENIONS, and hit DISABLE on STYLISH add on tab.

Using this extension, you can customize any website you want, but to customize theme you had know code writing. And no need to worry for facebook.com, because this extension has inbuilt coding for Facebook theme.

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