Jul 21, 2013

LIFX Smartest bulb ever

lifx, control from smart phoneSmartest Light Bulb LIFX,
Or we can say reinvention of light bulb.
And LIFX smart bulb is one among revolutionary innovation

What is LIFX?

LIFX (pronounced as Life X), bulb reinvented, miracle of light, is the smartest light bulb ever experienced. Sounds good, and a bright idea!!  Lifx is a  energy efficient, multi-colored led, wifi-enabled bulb that you can control with your iPhone or Android smartphone. LIFX powers you control of your lights, reduces your energy costs, lasts up to 25+ years and delivers an amazing experiences.

Driverless car, again its google product.
Easy set up

The LIFX is not a complicated device to install
LIFX, bulb reinvented is not a complicated device to install and run.
Supports standard sockets.
Just by replacing your existing bulbs with LIFX smartbulbs, its done.
Download and install LIFX free app from the App Store or Google Play to power your smart bulb.
These bulbs bring you a great experience, but are one of the easiest ways to reduce your energy units and impacts good  on the environment and energy bills.
LIFX smartbulbs are long losting bulbs, can light upto 40,000 hour or 20+ years.


LIFX Smarting is a revolutionary idea lighting and will make you to save money in energy bills and also over investment in lighting of home, as these smartbulbs are long lasting.
Reduces 20% of homes power consumption coming from lighting.

Control from anywhere 

lifx smart oneYou can control your lights from anywhere
Power any brightness for a bulb of a specific  room or whole house
Match colors to any mood or decor
Get notifications of phone such as Facebook, Twitter, Texts, miscall and more
Reduce your energy units consumption and save money
Visualise with animated colors on playing music and videos
If you are creative with colors and effects then its easy to create a night light for your dinner parties and more.
You can allot security when you are not in the home.
And there are many more things that you can do with LiFX smartbulbs.

The LIFX App will be free and is available on the App Store and Google Play and  manufacturers also working for a Windows, Mac and Linux app.
It's powered to you, you can control all bulbs by choosing Master bulb and Slave bulbs from your App.

Without WiFi, No LIFX, you cant control these smartbulbs.
LIFX uses a master/slave concept to connect to your home via Wi-Fi.
LIFX requires power 110V to 260V.  
Your LIFX needs to remain to power the LIFX app, later you can control in your way, even you can turn off and on.
LIFX comes either as a single bulb or can be purchased in packs.
And LIFX bulb is ready to install, no need any hardware workings as it is smartest one.

You got three types of bulbs to opt,
Bayonet cap [B22]
Edison Screw [E27]
Downlight [GU10]
Simply choose the type of bulb you need and you're ready to use.
You can mix and match bulbs styles in any combination. And save in App for future matchings.
LIFX uses a mesh network.

The LIFX prototype uses an RGB phosphorous COB LED lamp which is almost the equivalent of a 60 watt incandescent bulb.
And LIFX Software Development Kit (SDK) will be available mobile App developer.
LIFX Smartbulbs have been designed and prototyped in Melbourne, Australia and San Francisco, USA and They planned to manufacture via a trusted partner with operations in based in Melbourne and Shenzhen.
Phil Bosua(San Francisco) - Inventor of the LIFX smartbulb
For more information visit Lifxtech.blogsot.in 

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