Oct 11, 2014

Download Windows 10 Technical preview.

Windows 10 Technical Preview

Follow these steps to download Technical Preview:

  • Sign up for the program Windows Insider Program using microsoft/Live account, if you haven't already.

  • Read the required system requirements.

  • Click one of the Download links on this microsoft official page to download a special file—it's called an ISO file—that you can use to install the preview.

  • When the download is complete, transfer the ISO file to installation media such as a DVD or USB flash drive.

  • Boot your PC from the installation media, and then follow the steps to perform a clean install.


    • You'll need a third-party program to convert the ISO file into installable media, DVD burning software often includes this capability like nero. 
    • Remember, trying out an early build like this can be risky. That's why we recommend that you don't install the preview on your primary/personal home or business/collage PC. Unexpected PC crashes could damage or even delete your data/files, so you should back up everything using cloud services or Hard disks.
    • If you want to stop using Windows Technical Preview and return to your previous version of Windows, you'll need to reinstall your previous version from the recovery or installation media that came with your PC or Download it—typically a DVD. If you don't have recovery media, you might be able to create recovery media from a recovery partition on your PC using software provided by your PC manufacturer. You'll need to do this before you upgrade to this technical preview. Check the support section of your PC manufacturer's website for more info.
    • After you install Windows Technical Preview, you won’t be able to use the recovery partition on your PC to go back to your previous version of Windows.

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